It always amazes me when people don’t like being called racist, so then they jump to the most racist thing ever. That totally makes sense. Except now a Texas family are terrified because their daughter received a threatening message after she called out a classmate for being racist.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the unidentified girl told her dad, R.J. King, that she got the message from a white classmate after she made a post online in support of the NFL protests against police brutality and black oppression.


That was when her classmate from Woodlands High School decided to attack her.

“U liberals dumb as hell,” the boy said, messaging King’s daughter through Snapchat.


“Not as dumb as you racist,” the girl clapped back.

“Idk [I don’t know] how tf [the fuck] racism was brought into this im standing up for my country yall always gotta be starting shit we should have hung all u niggers while we had the chance and trust me it would make the world better,” the boy, who apparently never learned punctuation in school, responded.


The message left the King family shocked, but apparently the school doesn’t care.


According to the report, the boy still attends the school, leaving the Kings in fear for their daughter and the handful of other black students who attend the majority-white school.

The family is now considering taking legal action in light of the failure of school and law enforcement alike to respond to the threats. The family said that school administration even went so far as to suggest that their daughter could transfer to another school to avoid the boy who sent the message.


“This was a serious threat,” the girl’s father said at a news conference. “And so we thought we were going to get a serious response.”

Nonetheless, school officials say that they’ve done all they can about the incident, which occurred during the weekend and not at the school. They said that they offered the girl crisis-counseling services and changed the boy’s schedule to minimize contact.


“[Conroe Independent School District] does not tolerate this type of behavior,” a spokeswoman said in a statement Wednesday. The statement continued:

The campus administered several levels of disciplinary consequences and continues to work with the students involved and their parents. Campus and district administration are committed to providing safe and caring learning environments for all of our students. Furthermore, reinforcing respect for others and building unity continues to be a top priority across our campuses as it is in our communities, and we are researching additional resources to support our students with these essential life principles.


Nonetheless, the girl found herself standing next to the boy Wednesday morning, despite all the concerns and efforts administrators said they were making.

The Kings argue that while moving their daughter may protect her, it does little to help the other students at the school.


“How would that help the other African-American students or the other students in general?” civil rights lawyer Randall Kallinen said Wednesday. “How would that keep them safe? When you threaten to kill and say that the world is better off by getting rid of a certain race, that is the epitome of racism. And the school did next to nothing.”

Kallinen, who is representing the King family, said that they will give school officials another chance to seriously respond to the matter, after which the family will determine whether they need to take legal action.


“[The messages] were a threat to her life,” Kallinen added. “That’s a threat to other African Americans at the Woodlands. This is a very serious matter. And Woodlands High School did not take it so serious.”

Read more at the Houston Chronicle.

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