We Need 4 More Years of Michelle

First lady Michelle Obama at a Florida event (Larry Marano/WireImage/Getty Images)
First lady Michelle Obama at a Florida event (Larry Marano/WireImage/Getty Images)

Writing at Ebony, Michaela Angela Davis explains how the first lady sold her on Barack Obama, and why she thinks we all need to see the two of them in the White House for another term.

… Ms. Obama presented herself like a free woman, for real. She was free to be smart, free to be stylish, free to be funny, free to be fierce, free to be successful, free to be dignified, free to be compassionate and passionate, free to own her happiness and love her man, the next President of the United States, with a mighty, mighty love.

Michelle Obama was nice with hers and I knew any man who had the intelligence, courage and the vision to choose her had what the next President desperately needed — intelligence, courage and vision.  I looked at his most personal choice first, who he chose as his partner that says everything about a man's character. Then I looked into his policies and after that great day in Harlem, Barack Obama became my candidate and ultimately America's President.

For me, President and Ms. Obama were always a package deal. And as we survive this anxiety-ridden election, with all that's at stake for Black folks and all Americans, I really can't stomach the thought of losing the first fly First Lady. America and especially black women need four more years of the image of Michelle Obama. We need another full term of seeing a self-actualized, educated, executive, beautiful, bold, brilliant  "black from a distance" (a term I learned via Melissa Harris-Perry via her bestie Professor Blair LM Kelley) woman who is in a loving equal relationship with the most powerful man in the free world. We need more time to absorb what it looks like for a woman to not only not lose her identity, but also flourish and evolve in a marriage with an incredibly ambitious, competitive and attractive black man.  We need four more years of seeing Barack's hand nestle in the small of her back and four more years of secret sexy smiles exchanged in stadiums of strangers.


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