We Can't Twerk It Out: Anti-Twerking Restaurant Owner Parts Ways With Houston-Based Restaurant

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You may not know Kevin Kelley by name, but you definitely know him by his short-sleeve turtleneck (or gaiter—debate and controversy follow this man around, apparently!). The man who became notorious across the internet for his staunch anti-twerking stance and not-so-latent misogynoir, Kevin Kelley is no longer affiliated with one of his restaurants, Taste Bar and Kitchen in Houston.


Now, it may be tempting to file this under “life comes at you fast,” but apparently Kelley and Taste chef and owner Don Bowie have been on the outs for some time. And if you want to get an indication of just how messy all this is—yes, lawyers are involved.

According to Eater, Bowie and Kelley parted ways at some point this fall, and each party is currently suing the other in “a pair of highly dramatic lawsuits” in Harris County.

From Eater:

In his lawsuit, Kelley claims that Bowie was responsible for inappropriately taking out Payroll Protection Program loans in the restaurant’s name without Kelley’s permission, along with a host of other alleged financial misdeeds. Meanwhile, Bowie alleges that Kelley tanked a deal Bowie had with an investor by saying that the chef “wouldn’t stop stealing.”

Bowie also claims that Kelley cut him out of a deal at True Kitchen and Kocktails in Dallas, where Kelley’s viral rant was filmed. Bowie alleges that Kelley stole a number of recipes being used at the Dallas restaurant, including his popular chicken and waffles dish.

Kelley caused a stir this week after a video of him berating Black female customers at True Kitchen went viral on social media this week. Incensed that people were dancing on the furniture, Kelley told his patrons, “all this twerking shit, don’t bring it here because we’re a restaurant.”


“If you wanna do it, get the fuck out my restaurant,” Kelley continued. While acknowledging that his client base was “75 percent ladies,” Kelley suggested that he couldn’t expect men to “respect” the women at his establishment if they were twerking.

Meanwhile, people at the restaurant took to social media with additional context about the incident, saying that they had been waiting “hours” for food orders, while alcohol-heavy drinks were being served up left and right (I mean, no matter how much booze was involved, there’s still a pandemic outside, which is the fact I can’t get past).


In his rant, Kelley insisted that he didn’t need his patrons’ money. Between his estranged business partner and disrespected customers, we may soon find out how true that statement is.

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Eyeball In My AcidMartini

This whole thing is bonkers. I can absolutely understand telling people to get down off the damn furniture (as a career bartender I have yelled at people for that), but if you advertise a club vibe, just the twerking is fine, and his sexist respectability politics crap can fuck off. That said, the footage of a crowded restaurant gives me the screaming meemies, and it sounds like the entire operation is messy as hell. There are so many WTF things about this.