We Belong Together: Mariah Carey Records the Theme Song to Mixed-ish

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You know how sometimes two things seem so sympatico and perfect in theory that they’re basically a union waiting to happen? Well, today, we—the universal we ... ya know, me and you, your mama and your cousin, too—got word that such a union will be realized.


Because sometimes 1+1 = 2, it turns out that Mariah Carey co-wrote and recorded the theme song to the Black-ish, spin-off, Mixed-ish. If you’re up on game, you know that Black-ish has already spawned one successful spin-off in the Yara Shahidi-vehicle, Grown-ish, on Freeform. That show’s theme song is performed by Beyoncé’s Parkwood label signees, Chloe x Halle, who play Compton, Calif., track stars on the show. No word on if Mariah will play a character on the show, but if her filmography is any indication—Glitter might be one of the top 10 greatest movies of all time—she would be absolutely awesome in whatever role she played. There was no sarcasm present in the previous sentence.

Much like Grown-ish follows the life of Shahidi’s Zoe Johnson, the Mixed-ish spinoff is a prequel of sorts that follows the early life of Rainbow Johnson, played by heavenly gift, Tracee Ellis-Ross. Apparently, Mariah Carey is a huge fan of the pilot (I can’t help but wonder if the pilot was sent out to prominent mixed people or something, mine must be lost in the mail) and wanted to collaborate with the creators of Black-ish for some time, and what better way for Carey to collab than by providing the theme music for Mixed-ish. If it isn’t obvious, if it isn’t love, and if you don’t know me by noooooooow, Mariah Carey, is indeed, mixed.

And even though Zack Morris is trash—allegedly—Mark-Paul Gosselaar will play Rainbow’s father (replacing Anders Holm who originally played the father in the trailer and early pilot) and Tika Sumpter will play her mother. Young Rainbow will be played by Arica Himmel. Look out for Mixed-ish Sept. 24 on ABC.

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And even though Zack Morris is trash

That show is a brilliant look at a spoiled little shit, but it’s also a great commentary on white, male supremacy at large. If you want to see (as though it’s not everywhere in this country) a white man who wants to do nothing good for the world if it doesn’t help him the most, while feeling like he is owed everything, either look out your window, or check out Zack Morris is trash!

That said, Zack had better watch out, because Mario Lopez is coming for his title.