Watch: You Can Thank a Black Woman for Your Hulu Binge-Watching Habits

When we tell you to trust black women, it’s not just to shout our own praises. Black women have always been at the helm of anything great or convenient that you love. Seriously.


Black women have changed eye surgery—shoutout to Dr. Patricia Bath! A black woman changed communication, creating the touch-tone phone, portable fax, caller ID, call waiting and the fiber-optic cable—hey, Shirley Ann Jackson! Ruane Sharon Jeter gave us the toaster, and Marie Van Brittan Brown gave us home surveillance, revolutionizing closed-circuit TV.

Black women are so impressive! To be able to invent things that have changed our lives, all while living in the intersection of being both black and women, two dings in the world we live in.


But nevertheless, we persist. Black women like Lisa Gelobter are who the world needs. We’re celebrating Gelobter because she changed the way we view video online through her contributions to the tech field. We all know that tech is a white man’s playground, but Gelobter broke that ground, inserting herself in their world and making waves all the while.

As we close out Black History Month, we honor Lisa Gelobter in the video above. Thank you, Lisa.

Pretty. Witty. Girly. Worldly. One who likes to party, but comes home early. I got stories to tell. Prince (yes, that Prince) called me excellence. Achievement unlocked.

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