Watch: Will Shuri Save Wakanda in the Black Panther Sequel?

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for another trip to Wakanda. While a sequel to Black Panther hasn’t been confirmed yet, Marvel Studios President Keith Feige told Variety that he’s hopeful there will be a second Black Panther movie, and he “absolutely” wants director Ryan Coogler to helm the sequel.


While on the red carpet at the American Black Film Festival Honors, Angela Bassett (who plays Queen Ramonda) spilled the tea about the Black Panther sequel we all need.

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In my humble opinion, I believe that the sequel will focus on whatever blowback that comes from The Avengers: Infinity War, ever since there is a battle in Wakanda (side note: I think the Soul Gem is in Wakanda and those rings that T’Chaka and N’Jobu once owned, will lead to that gem’s location).

I also believe that it will focus on the backlash that T’Challa and Wakanda will face, due to their resources. I think T’Challa believes that he can control the quantity of wonders that will be exported. He thinks that he could spoon-feed other countries with whatever vibranium-laced treats that he wants to give out. There will be governments that will disagreed. Bonus points, if there’s a character (in the potential sequel) that is a popular, conservative media mouth-piece that instigates and add more fuel to that fire. I think this could be a clever way of introducing a traditional Black Panther villain from his comic book franchise. Perhaps, “Cottonmouth” or “Killjoy”.

I don’t think Killmonger will be back.