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Watch: What Happened to Our Girls?

Cyntoia Brown and Bresha Meadows are both victims of abuse who were teenagers when they killed men who they feared were a threat to their lives.

Recently, their stories have gained fierce support from the community: Brown has had numerous celebrities rally on her behalf, and Bresha even had a song made in her honor.

Both faced generational abuse, but sadly, we live in a world where there is a pervasive culture of physical and sexual abuse toward women and girls. Cyntoia Brown and Bresha Meadows are just two examples. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (pdf), it’s estimated that 40 percent of black women are raped, beaten or stalked by intimate partners.


Sadly, the stories of black women and girls often go untold until someone picks up a gun. See the entire video above.

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Dinosaurs and Nachos, Very Legal and Very Cool!

I saw a headline on some news website about Cyntoia Brown that said something like “New Facts Revealed Show Defendant Not a Victim” or some other fucking bullshit.

And the only “new fact” was that she had stolen her rapists wallet. Like, ok. Girl has pretty good survival instincts if she did because how the fuck you going to escape, you know, FUCKING HUMAN TRAFFICKING without some coin?

That was it. Literally the fact that she took his wallet. It was not in dispute that she was a victim of human trafficking or that dude was either going to or did rape her. The article pretty much laid that right out. But no. She took his wallet. Invalidates everything else I guess.

God, I am seething today.