Watch: Trump’s National Spokeswoman on Offensive Immigration Ban: ‘So What? They’re Muslim’

S.E. Cupp and Katrina Pierson on CNN
CNN screenshot

Donald Trump's national spokesperson, Katrina Pierson, got into a heated debate with CNN's S.E. Cupp on Tuesday as she defended the 2016 presidential candidate's outrageous proposal to ban all Muslim immigration to the United States. 

In the debate, Pierson seemingly saw no difference between law-abiding Muslims and religious extremists, and contended that the United States has never before allowed "insurgents" to come into the country. 


"No one's talking about allowing insurgents,” Cupp countered. “You're talking about not allowing regular Muslims. That's what you're talking about. No one's talking about insurgents.”

"Yes, from Arab nations," Pierson responded. "You know what? So what? They're Muslim."

"So what?" the CNN political commentator said in apparent disbelief. "That's not the America we live in."

Still, Pierson didn't seem to see the difference and defended her boss's position. 


"You have people coming across through the refugee system and the visa system—including the woman that came in San Bernardino on a visa system, as well as some of the 9/11 hijackers. We have to put a pause to figure out how we could better vet these people," Pierson said. 

Cupp made it very clear from the beginning of the segment that she wasn't impressed with Trump's comments, much like most lawmakers and citizens across party lines, and called the proposal "pretty dumb." 


"It just doesn't make a lot of sense. I also think it gives ISIS exactly what it wants, which makes us less safe," Cupp added. "I also think it's pretty morally repulsive, and I think it's unconstitutional and un-American. And I don't see a shred of what Donald Trump is suggesting that is conservative by nature at all. So I'm not really sure what his supporters are turned on by here. He can't deliver on half of the promises that he's made because they will either need Congress to go bananas … or to change the Consitution.”

Pierson, for her part, dismissed criticism of Trump's proposal, including denouncements that came from House Speaker Paul Ryan and other Republican leaders. "Speaker Ryan and the rest of the establishment haven't really been pushing Republican values to begin with," Pierson said. 


Watch the segment below:

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