Joe Raedle/Getty Images

In an AC360 interview last night, CNN's Anderson Cooper spoke with Hal Uhrig and Craig Sonner, the attorneys who announced yesterday that they had withdrawn from representing George Zimmerman.

Cooper asked why they decided to speak out publicly, and Uhrig responded, "Well, a couple of reasons. First of all, we want to make it absolutely clear that we're professionals. We've got ethical requirements. We had been asked by Mr. Zimmerman to represent him. We've been in constant communication with him, even while we were in New York this past weekend.

"Suddenly on Sunday, he went quiet and dark, if you will," he continued. "We found out on Monday he had set up a website on his own without conferring with us. I couldn't get hold of him. And then yesterday, with the additional developments after we talked to the prosecutor this morning, we learned that he had communicated directly with both another national news network and with the prosecutor's office, contrary to our advice. With us unable to get any kind of contact with him at the phone that he was using to talk to them, we couldn't go out in the public and say we still represent him without getting him to come out and confirm it and talk with us."

Watch the video here, courtesy of CNN's AC360:

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