Kevin-Prince Boateng (Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images Sport)
Kevin-Prince Boateng (Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images Sport)

Professional soccer has had its share of struggles with racism in recent years, especially in Italy, and Kevin-Prince Boateng, a Ghanaian member of the country's AC Milan team, has apparently had it with all the hate.


At a recent friendly match against Pro Patria, the midfielder responded to a racist chant from the stands by throwing the ball into the stands, tearing off his shirt and leaving the field, followed by the rest of the players and officials.

Game over.

"Pro Patria-Milan suspended indefinitely," AC Milan's official website announced.


The chant was in Italian, so we're not sure what it was, but if soccer history is any indication, it probably had something to do with monkeys. From Football 365:

It was quickly established that play would not restart. Milan's official website,, was running a text commentary on the game, the headline on which was changed to read "Pro Patria-Milan suspended definitively".

The entry for the 26th minute read: "AC Milan leaves the pitch after racist abuse by a minority of Pro Patria fans at Boateng, (Mbaye) Niang, (Urby) Emanuelson and (Sulley) Muntari. The rest of the fans in the stands disassociated themselves from such racist events."

Milan coach Massimiliano Allegri told reporters: "We are disappointed and saddened by what has happened.

"Milan play for the right to respect all players. We need to stop these uncivilised gestures."

Could cutting off play immediately after this type of racist display be the best way to stop, once and for all, those responsible for what Boateng's coach called "uncivilized gestures"?

Read more at Football 365.

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