Arizona Republican Gov. Jan Brewer (Fox News screenshot)

In an odd and embarrassing moment, Arizona's feisty Republican Gov. Jan Brewer struggled to pronounce "Tuskegee" during a ceremony to honor the legendary black fighter pilots, who were the focus of last year's highly publicized Hollywood release, Red Tails.

Talking Points Memo reports that Local Fox TV affiliate KSAZ caught Brewer's embarrassing struggle with the word "Tuskegee" during an honor ceremony. Finally, an exasperated Brewer noted that she even practiced the word ahead of time.


Wow. Brewer wasn't already familiar with the Tuskegee Airmen from a historical perspective? Really? Well, let's focus on the positive. At least staff advised her to sign a measure designating the fourth Thursday of March to honor the men and women who formed the first black military wing in the Army Air Forces.

Watch the video here:

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