When it comes to the factors that led to Whitney Houston's death, Bobby Brown's character and daughter Bobbi Kristina's well-being, very few who actually know the family seem to be weighing in. But plenty of other commentators have been more than happy to give their opinions. Most recently, Geraldo Rivera took to Fox News to address Brown's relationship with his daughter and the question of Houston's fortune, saying this:

Whitney Houston was an admitted junkie, there’s no doubt about that, and Bobby Brown, I blame him for getting her hooked … I think they should do everything to keep Bobby Brown away from Bobbi Kristina. But he is the only surviving parent, so really that’s her decision to make.

But the suspicion is … that Bobby Brown, who was the world's worst father, has made himself close to the daughter to get his hands on the $20 million estate that Whitney Houston — like Michael Jackson, like Elvis — much more dead than alive because she had squandered all her fortune … So Bobby Brown, the man who got her hooked on gutter drugs, including crack, he is circling like a vulture around his own daughter now, and the suspicion is he’ll try to cash in.


Everyone's entitled to an opinion, but we're guessing that someone who truly had Bobby Kristina's best interests at heart might shy away from calling her dad the "world's worst father" on national television. It's all too clear that Bobby Brown isn't the only one who should be suspected of using this tragedy for his own benefit.

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