Watch This: First Lady Speaks of Hunger for Education

First lady Michelle Obama delivers commencement address at Bowie State University. (Getty Images)

First lady Michelle Obama delivered an impassioned commencement address at Bowie State University in College Park, Md., on Friday, encouraging more than 600 graduates to honor the school's tradition and pass along their commitment to education to future generations, the Associated Press reports.

Additionally, during her 15-minute address, she touched on the university's founding in 1865 with the aim to train black teachers; the difficulties confronted by black students after emancipation from slavery and during the civil rights movement; and the sacrifices made by her own parents, who were not college graduates.


"I am thinking about all the mothers and the fathers just like my parents, who dug into pockets for their last dime," Obama said, according to the AP. "Their sacrifice is your legacy.

Watch the address here:

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