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Everyone's heard the expression, "Every vote counts." But first lady Michelle Obama's message to supporters today is that, when it comes to re-electing President Obama in 2012, so does every phone bank, every call, every new voter registration and even every talk with a neighbor about how to get involved.

The Washington Post reports that on Friday, July 20, she'll travel to Virginia to officially launch It Takes One, a new Obama for America initiative that aims to enlist every supporter nationwide to help continue building the campaign's grassroots organization between now and November. Announced in a video to campaign supporters this morning, the effort emphasizes the impact that every single person can have in this election.


"Every single person can make a difference in this election — and today we're asking supporters to start by taking one action that will help grow our campaign," she said. "Help one new voter get registered through, recruit one more volunteer or bring a friend to the next phone bank you attend. If we all commit to finding at least one way to make an impact, we can ensure that we'll keep moving this country forward for another four years."

Watch the video here:

Read more at the Washington Post.

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