Watch: The Real Woman Behind ‘Me Too’

Tarana Burke is an activist, an organizer, a mother, a survivor of sexual violence and the founder of the Me Too Movement.

Burke founded the campaign in 2006 after a young girl confided in her, sharing a story of abuse—which Burke recounts on her website. Burke froze up and suggested that someone else help the girl.


But she later decided to dedicate herself to supporting marginalized women—particularly black and brown—who are coping with sexual violence. “[Me Too is] about an exchange of empathy,” Burke said. “And it’s about people knowing that they aren’t alone in those feelings.”

Over 10 years later, #MeToo gained momentum after actress Alyssa Milano tweeted:

And the hashtag went viral, as thousands of women began sharing their stories.

“Sexual violence knows no race or class or gender, but the response to sexual violence does, and Me Too is about the response to sexual violence. It’s also about the journey toward healing,” Burke said.


Check out the full interview above.

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Loved this....and #MeToo