Watch: The Obamas Deliver Their Final Christmas Address

First lady Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama
Video Screenshot
First lady Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama
Video Screenshot

On Saturday, President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama delivered their final Christmas message to the U.S. in their weekly address. President Obama spoke about how privileged he and Michelle have been to celebrate the holidays in the White House.


"The greatest gift that Michelle and I have received over the last eight years has been the honor of serving as your president and first lady," President Obama said.

In looking back over the last eight years, the president reminded people about his accomplishments.

"Together, we fought our way back from the worst recession in 80 years and got unemployment to a nine-year low. We secured health insurance for another 20 million Americans, and new protections for folks who already had insurance. We made America more respected around the world, took on the mantle of leadership in the fight to protect this planet for our kids and much, much more," he said.

He also spoke about how being a Christian has helped shape him and about the true meaning of Christmas.

"Tomorrow, for the final time as the first family, we will join our fellow Christians around the world to rejoice in the birth of our savior. And as we retell his story from that Holy Night, we’ll also remember his eternal message, one of boundless love, compassion and hope," the president said.

Watch the video below: