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Fox News Screenshot

About 50 students at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, S.C., walked out of class Friday in a show of support for a fired school resource officer who was recorded attacking a 16-year-old student in a viral video, according to Fox 57.


The walkout occurred about 10 a.m. to show support for school resource officer and Richland County Sheriff's Deputy Ben Fields, who was fired last week after an investigation into the incident. He can be seen in a video violently flipping the girl onto her back and forcibly removing her from a chair. She was charged with "disturbing schools" and suffered injuries in the attack.

Despite the disturbing video, some students, parents and teachers support the officer, who reportedly earned the nickname "Officer Slam" because of his reputation for slamming students. During the walkout, students were also wearing T-shirts that say "Free Fields" and "#Bring Back Ben," the report says.


Jeff Temoney, the school's principal, told students that he "heard their voices and appreciates you for doing this," adding that no one would be suspended as long as everyone returned to class, the report says.

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