Watch: Spike Lee Dismisses Notion of Post-Racial America

Spike Lee attends a press conference by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver on then-Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s racist comments at the Hilton Hotel in New York City April 29, 2014.

During a recent talk about race in America with Fusion host Jorge Ramos, director Spike Lee tackled the issue of a post-racial society under President Barack Obama.

“People who get in trouble are the people who forget they’re black,” he said when asked what he teaches his children about race. “You can’t just think I’m so successful that I’ve reached another realm. And I’m in a so-called post. … Yeah, that bulls—t where because now that we have a black, African-American president that race no longer matters. There are times, even today, it’s hard for me to catch a cab sometimes in New York City.”


He also addressed unrest in Ferguson, Mo., after the shooting death of unarmed Michael Brown, 18, by white police Officer Darren Wilson. “There’s a big division for the police departments, I think, in this country, versus people of color,” Lee said.

Watch the video here:

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