Watch: Snoop Is Making Millions in Green With His New Cannabis Investment Firm

Calvin Broadus, aka Snoop Dogg, has became a major player in the ancillary cannabis industry after co-founding Casa Verde Capital and acquiring $45 million from investors. The ancillary business involves companies that never touch the actual product—from tech startups to weed-focused attorneys.


Watch the video above to learn more.

Video Producer @ The Root

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As someone who works in the cannabis industry, run from it. Cannabis became the next cool industry, saw way to much investment by people unfamiliar with the industry, and the money is rapidly disappearing. Prices are half of what they were even 2 years ago, gardens are closing, dispensaries are closing, brokers are moving to the black market...the whole thing is maybe 12-18 months from a full reset. Look in to the video game crash of the 80s....same thing.