Watch: Police Released Footage of Stephon Clark’s Killing, but Will It Help Bring Justice?

There are a lot of questions running through my mind after I reluctantly watched the execution of yet another unarmed black man by police.

How can a white iPhone be mistaken for a gun?

Why were 20 shots fired at an unarmed man in a matter of seven seconds?

Why did officers continue to yell, “Show me your hands!” after firing 20 shots at Stephon Clark?


Only 1 percent of police officers who killed civilians in 2017 faced criminal charges. One percent.

While 35 percent of unarmed people who were killed by police in 2017 were black.

What does this mean for Clark’s two young sons, who will grow up to be men who look like him?

One thing I’m not questioning, though, is whether this video alone will bring an end to decades of police violence against black men and women. This truth is paralyzing.

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