Watch: Passengers Confront Racist on Train

An unidentified woman unleashes racist rant aboard a train in Australia. 
Kareem Abdul/YouTube

A woman captured on video racially insulting another woman was confronted by other passengers on a Central Coast & Newcastle train in Australia, according to video uploaded by YouTube user Kareem Abdul.

The confrontation began when the older woman apparently turned aggressive “toward a group of kids 12 and under who wouldn't give up their seats,” the YouTube user writes.  She then insulted another person before calling the police herself, raising the ire of a male passenger, who told her she was out of line.


 “You shut your mouth,” she responded.

“You shut your mouth,” the passenger said. “You just assaulted two people and then called the police.”


The woman then turned her attention to the man apparently recording the video. He apparently was standing next to an Asian woman.

“He can only get a gook!” she exclaims. “He can't even get a regular girlfriend!”


She mockingly pulled back her eyes so they appeared slanted. More passengers can be heard expressing outrage at her behavior.

Watch the video here: (Warning it contains language that some readers may find offensive.)

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