Watch: Pa. Man Punched in Face by Teen Playing ‘Knockout Game’

Teen punches unsuspecting man in the face before running away. 
WTFX Screenshot
Teen punches unsuspecting man in the face before running away. 
WTFX Screenshot

Six teens approached a Pennsylvania man sitting at a trolley stop. One teen walked up close to the man and without warning punched him in the face while the other teens recorded the assault, leading officials to believe that the attack could be another chapter in the violent "knockout game" saga that peppered the news earlier this year.


According to the victim, who spoke with WTFX-TV, he said he didn't know the teen and was sure that he had not done anything to provoke the attack. "It's a feeling to me that I know it wasn't personal. I know, I don't do anything to anybody," he told the news station.

The man also said that he was just sitting at the Burmont Road and Morgan Avenue trolley stop last week, minding his business, when the teens came up to him. The video shows the teen standing near the victim for a few seconds before he punches the man in the face.

"It could have been worse because they did hit me with glasses on, and they could have sent my glasses right into my eyes," said the victim, who didn't want to be identified but wanted his story told. "I take anxiety medicine, and it was quite a setback."

Upper Darby, Pa., police told the news station that they believe the incident mirrors the "knockout game" in which unsuspecting people are punched while someone else records it. WTFX-TV reports that the police are close to identifying the attacker, since it is believed one of the teens involved posted the video to Facebook.

"Extremely disappointing about how the world's changed since I've known it," the victim told the news station. "It's a real shame that something like this could take place."

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