Watch: A ‘Very Smart Brotha’ Breaks Down Darth Becky and Being the Blackest Thing on the Internet Since Marvin Gaye’s ‘Thigh Meats’

Damon Young (screenshot)
Damon Young (screenshot)

The Washington Post once described Very Smart Brothas as “the blackest thing that ever happened to the internet. Period.” And aside from a photo of Jesse Jackson and Marvin Gaye playing basketball with their “thigh meats blaring,” Damon Young and Panama Jackson are just that.


And, luckily for us, both of them have written for The Root, offering a raw and fresh perspective on the black experience to which we can all relate. And then there are times when Young’s spotless mind comes up with hilarious monikers like “Darth Becky” or “Darth Susan,” and you get the humor behind it, but you want to know the journey his mind was on in order to come up with such ridiculousness.

So we sat Young down and asked him about the “Darths,” and the conversation went on a wild ride, detailing how Young and his partner Jackson came to be called the blackest thing that ever happened to the internet. Young, however, named a few more things he deemed blacker.

Check out Young explaining Darth Becky, being the blackest thing to ever happen to the internet and more:



So that’s what he sounds like! It’s always slightly strange to see your favorite bloggers/columnists/writers in animated form.