Watch: Morning Joe Host Mika Brzezinski Was ‘Befuddled’ During Interview With Attorney for Freddie Gray’s Family

Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough and William Murphy on Morning Joe May 5, 2015
MSNBC screenshot
Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough and William Murphy on Morning Joe May 5, 2015
MSNBC screenshot

In today's "Talk Show Hosts Who Don't Have a Clue" news, during Tuesday's broadcast of Morning Joe, the hosts interviewed William H. Murphy Jr., the attorney representing Freddie Gray's family.


After Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby was assigned the Gray case and subsequently charged six cops in his death, the Baltimore police union, among others, called for Mosby to excuse herself because she apparently received donations from Murphy.

During the morning interview, co-host Mika Brzezinski treated Murphy as if he were on the witness stand and questioned him about any possible conflicts of interest.

Turns out, though, that someone didn't do her research. As Murphy pointed out, that police union—the Fraternal Order of Police—has also donated funds to Mosby.

"Where's the conflict?" Murphy said. "Nobody's pointing it out to me."

"The conflict would be that you are the attorney for Freddie Gray's family, and [Mosby] has now had six cops arrested in his death," Brzezinski explained. "I mean, you see the conflict."

"Where is the conflict?" Murphy continued.

"He should work for the Clinton agency," Brzezinski said to co-host Joe Scarborough.


Brzezinski wouldn't let up, but all she did was make herself sound even more incapable of conducting an interview. Murphy continually stated that there was no conflict of interest.

"I don't mean to befuddle everybody," Murphy said.

"We're not befuddled," Brzezinski said. "You don't need to be condescending."

Oh, yes, you were befuddled, and Murphy was far from being condescending. God forbid a black man tries to defend himself on national television.


"People are alleging conflict but then can't articulate it," Murphy finished.

"I've articulated it nine times," Brzezinski replied.

Murphy, who didn't back down, accused Brzezinski of not being a good articulator, which you could tell was frustrating her.


After Scarborough interjected and suggested moving on, Brzezinksi finally gave up. Thank goodness.

I have never seen so many faces of befuddlement on a news show in my life. Congrats to Brzezinski for winning today's Befuddlement Award.