Miko Grimes being pinned to the ground by a Miami-Dade officer
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Local radio sports talk show host Miko Grimes, who is also the wife of the Miami Dolphins' cornerback Brent Grimes, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest after a confrontation with officers just outside Sun Life Stadium, the Sun Sentinel reports

It all started when Grimes tried to walk through a restricted gate where officers were controlling the crowd, according to an arrest report cited by the news site. Miami-Dade officers reportedly gave Grimes several warnings to stop, but she kept going until an officer grabbed her by the arm. Grimes broke the officer's grip and continued walking while swearing at officers, the report notes.

Officers then put Grimes in a "bear hug" as she resisted, according to the Sentinel, with Grimes reportedly flailing with her arms and legs. As she was handcuffed, she reportedly jerked her head back, butting an officer in the head. Grimes reportedly continued resisting until an officer pulled out a Taser and told her to stay calm. Grimes was not shocked, but after she was put in a golf cart so that she could be taken for booking, she began to resist again. At the police station, Grimes had to be treated for injuries to her right arm, knee and forearm, according ot the Sentinel. 

Video of the arrest went viral after it was posted online. In the video, Grimes, who is on the ground on her belly with an officer straddling her, can be heard yelling repeatedly, "Are you f—king serious?" 

Grimes was ultimately charged with disorderly conduct, resisting with violence and battery on an officer. She was later released on bond. 

According to the Sentinel, a Dolphins spokesman said that the team was aware of the arrest but deferred all questions to the police.


Editor’s note: The video below is NSFW.

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