Watch: Meet the Teen Who Created an App to Protect Kids From Police Brutality

Two things inspired then-high school sophomore George Hofstetter to create an app that aims to prevent police brutality: the killing of Trayvon Martin and George’s worries for his younger brother’s future.


“I want him to grow up in a world where he doesn’t have to worry about being on the news as an African-American child being slain,” said George, 17.

He named his app CopStop, and it’s designed to educate young people about best practices for staying safe while interacting with the police. The app also includes an option to film interactions with law enforcement, which George believes can serve as a viable alternative to body cameras.

He hopes to release the app by the end of 2017.



Thank you for putting his out there. This story is amazing and awesome and great, to see a young black teen, creating in the tech sector even though that industry doubts, dismisses and denigrates young minds like his because of how he looks. This teenager has all of my respect.

This does highlight the issue in regards to our society. This app, and the discussion about how to behave with police, to give them less of an opportunity to kill us black and brown Americans, is depressing. The entire law enforcement community should feel shame, and White America should feel that as well, that they allowed or stood by silently while this country created this atmosphere. The fact that the parents of white children do not have to ever worry about their children’s interactions with cops ending with a funeral, and a smiling and laughing police officer after charges not filed or a jury that agrees with law enforcements value of life, is a tragedy and a human rights violation.

I just hope that when this teen has children, that he lives in a society where he doesnt have to carry that burden of fear and anxiety.