Watch: Meet the Designer Who Lets Your Smartphone Talk to Your Clothes

Christopher Bevans

You may not have heard the name Christopher Bevans, but you have, no doubt, seen his work.

From his tenure with Head Tennis and Nike to styling Jay Z and LeBron James, Bevans has his finger on the pulse of the fashion industry and its trendsetters. Today he is breaking new ground with his brand-new line, Dyne, a technology-influenced luxury sports line, which he describes as transitional menswear. “I’m prepared because everything I’ve done was for this,” Bevans told The Root. 


We spoke to Bevans for Color Creatives, our video series highlighting the wave of black innovators in several creative industries.

Check out the full interview with Bevans at the exclusive News Showroom in New York City, where he’s debuting this year’s collection.

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