Louis C.K. and Leslie Jones in Saturday Night Live sketch
NBC Saturday Night Live screenshot

Never one to shy away from controversy, comedian Louis C.K. served up a steady stream of edgy jokes Saturday as host of the 40th-season finale of Saturday Night Live.

His monologue cannot be unheard. The Emmy Award-winning star and Boston native joked about so-called mild racism and, um, pedophiles.

“I grew up in the ’70s, so I’m not racist,” he said, according to Boston.com. “However, I do have mild racism. I’ll give you an example. If I go to a pizza place I’ve never been to before and it’s run by four black women, I’ll go, ‘Hmm.’ It’s very mild.”

He finished the monologue with jokes about a child molester who lived in his neighborhood when he was a child. He then went on to compare his love of Mounds candy bars to child molestation. He said the desire for children must be overpowering if molesters continue to harm children in the face of getting caught.

C.K. was also “on fleek” during a sketch where he worked as a Sprint employee who made fun of the way his black female manager talked.


When the manager, played by SNL cast member Leslie Jones, caught him, C.K. pretended to speak Ebonics to keep his job, and then had to keep up the joke for five years. 

Watch the video below:

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