Watch: Literary Giant Walter Mosley Doesn’t Need Inspiration to Write

Literary giant Walter Mosley needs no inspiration to write.

“I don’t need inspiration because I love to write,” Mosley told The Root. With a three-decades-long career and over 50 books published, as one would imagine, Mosley’s love for writing runs deep. In fact, writing has become a discipline and an integral part of his life—Mosley starts every day with three hours of writing.

Don’t fret, aspiring writers! This author didn’t start to write until he was around 34 years old, and Mosley has no plans of putting down his pen just yet. “I know there’s more to write than I have time to write it. So that’s, I guess, a good thing,” he said.

Mosley sat down with The Root to discuss his start as a writer, what keeps him going and his most recent book, Down the River Unto the Sea.


See the entire video above.

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