Watch: Kwanzaa Is Like Christmas, Just 7 Times Blacker

This video originally appeared on Dec. 19, 2017.

Have you ever looked at your kids and thought their little narrow behinds could show more appreciation for the countless Jordans and Apple products you buy them for Christmas? Have you been looking for seven ways to be a better person as you usher in the new year? Then it’s about time that you considered celebrating Kwanzaa.


Sure, Kwanzaa founder Maulana Karenga is allegedly highly problematic, but he did manage to create a holiday that is a celebration of black excellence. So instead of just telling you what the seven principles of Kwanzaa are, we figured we’d just tell you why your black ass should celebrate or at least care about Kwanzaa—the only holiday dedicated to making you a decent human being.

Pretty. Witty. Girly. Worldly. One who likes to party, but comes home early. I got stories to tell. Prince (yes, that Prince) called me excellence. Achievement unlocked.



At first, Kwanzaa was supposed to replace Christmas.

Now it is OK to celebrate both.

A quick question, is it OK for white people to celebrate Kwanzaa? Or, is it better for this holiday to be a black person only type holiday.

It seems to me that this is a holiday that most people should be able to celebrate. On the other hand, you don’t really want white people trying to take it over and change it all around.