Watch: Is MLK’s Legacy Under Attack?

In November, President Donald Trump’s administration released declassified FBI documents on President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. But the release also included a batch of Martin Luther King Jr. documents filled with allegations of “abnormal” sexual behavior and of being a “slow thinker” and a “Marxist” (pdf).

The Root spoke with Clayborne Carson, the Martin Luther King Jr. Centennial Professor of History at Stanford and director of the university’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute, to argue facts vs. myths.

Watch the video above.

Video Producer @ The Root

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Hoover...?! Anyone with integrity, ethics,...logic; it behooves me to alert you to dolt45's continued attempts to impede the exemplary legacy of another true patriot of our American ideals memorialized in the American Constitution.

These two misbegotten miscreants: Hoover and Trump. Each is a prime example of much hypocritical filth can be disseminated by sociopaths in positions of power; to their enthralled minions.

However, the good still hold the majority without being distracted.