Watch: Fight Breaks Out at Pusha T Concert in Toronto, Concertgoers Hospitalized

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A Pusha-T concert in Toronto came to an abrupt close on Tuesday night after a few concertgoers threw liquids on the rapper and stormed the stage, kicking off an intense brawl that ended up shutting the whole thing down. One man was reportedly stabbed after the fight, with some news outlets reporting he’s now in critical condition.


Videos of the altercation at Danforth Music Hall circulated around social media immediately following the event, setting off “bro, WTF” reactions across the continental U.S. and (obviously) parts of Canada.

The disturbance began shortly after 10:00 pm, with some members of the audience throwing liquids at the stage. According to WTHR, a mixture of water, beer, and paint was thrown on the stage during the middle of Pusha T’s performance. The attack appeared coordinated, with one concertgoer saying Pusha “was singing a song and right on the bar where it says something along those lines about getting wet/soaked...about 10 [men] threw water at him.”

And you thought throwing a shoe at Fashion Week was messy.

Things only escalated from there, with a handful of people storming the stage, tumbling over the barricades and brawling with security and members of Pusha T’s crew. The rapper—who is also president of Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music label—wasn’t involved in the fight, presumably ushered off stage as things got out of hand.


Pusha did take the stage again though, and like everyone on your group chat, he blamed hometown hero Drake for the disturbance.


According to Vulture, Pusha squeezed in a bit of his diss track “Infrared,” before accusing Drake of paying people to come to the concert “and throw beer.”


The police shut down the concert shortly thereafter. But, sadly, when the concert wound down is when things really took a left turn. As CityNews Toronto reports, more fights broke out as people exited. There are conflicting reports about how many people were injured and how seriously. CityNews, citing police, writes that one person was stabbed and is now in critical condition. Another local outlet, The Hamilton Spectator, writes that three people were hospitalized for non-life threatening injuries.

While everyone assumes—particularly because it happened in Toronto—that Drake is somehow behind the attack, it’s important to note that there’s no actual evidence indicating that. And if this episode is rooted in some hurt feelings over some bars—I hope we’re all clear on how terrible, shitty, and stupid that is. How fragile do a group of grown ass men have to be to even start this level of drama?


No word yet on when any of the men involved will get out of their feelings.

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Hoyo Afrika

accusing Drake of paying people to come to the concert “and throw beer.”

I believe it. Drake is emblematic of a certain passive corniness that permeats Toronto. Every other guy in the city is a knock-off of Drake or Macklemore (both demons in my opinion).