Watch: Dash-Cam Video Adds Details to Jonathan Ferrell’s Shooting by Police

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department; Florida A&M Football
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department; Florida A&M Football

Police dash-cam video footage released this week sheds new light on events leading up to the slaying of unarmed Jonathan Ferrell, who was shot and killed by an officer in September 2013 while seeking help after a car accident, according to NBC News.


Randall Kerrick, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg, N.C., police officer who shot and killed Ferrell, 24, a former Florida A&M University football player, went on trial last month on a charge of voluntary manslaughter.

Dash-cam video that was recorded from Officer Adam Neal’s cruiser and released Wednesday shows two patrol cars approaching an already parked third unit, the report says. The footage shows Ferrell walking toward the officers’ patrol cars and then dashing between and past the cars, the report says.


The officers give chase, and yelling can be heard off camera. “Get on the ground!” is shouted several times before numerous gunshots are heard, prompting an officer to say, apparently into his radio, “Shots fired, shots fired!” Also heard are shouts of, “Don’t move, don’t move!”

Ferrell had been in a car accident and was seeking help at a nearby house, but a woman called police to report an attempted break-in, the report says. Officer Kerrick, who responded to the call, shot Ferrell 10 times, the report says.

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