Watch: Chicago Cops Barge Into House to Arrest Man Who Ignored Them

LeRoy Hubbard III 
NBC Chicago

Another day, another video of alleged police misconduct.

This time a 14-year-old Chicago girl took video of police who she claims forced their way into her home to arrest her uncle because he did not acknowledge their requests to talk to him, NBC Chicago reports.


LeRoy Hubbard III, 29, told the news station that he was just walking to his parents' home in Englewood on the South Side when two officers tried to stop him.

“They said ‘come here,’ so I just kept walking,” Hubbard said.

That allegedly prompted officers to barge into the home, amid the screams and protests of his family members.

“They start just going crazy in the house,” Hubbard, who has no criminal record, added.

Officers are seen in the video, shot by his niece Keeasia Hubbard, struggling with Hubbard as Keeasia’s grandfather tries to stop them. Hubbard was placed in a choke hold. Keeasia’s grandmother was seen falling to the ground while still hooked to her dialysis machine.


“They charged me with assault, but how did I assault anybody?” Hubbard told the news station. He said he stopped struggling with officers so that they would stop “assaulting my whole family.”

Hubbard was charged with aggravated battery of a police officer.

LeRoy Hubbard Jr., Hubbard’s father, said that this kind of behavior was normal for Chicago police, even though he acknowledges that Englewood does have a reputation.


“They do this all the time,” he said. “As far as the police, they do this all the time. They will stop anybody on the street. They want to get lucky, think they’re going to get lucky—you know, somebody's probably got something.”

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