Watch: Breaking Down the School-to-Prison Pipeline

School is back in session, and it’s time to learn about a system that funnels black and brown kids from schools into our criminal-justice system. It’s called the school-to-prison pipeline, and it’s affecting black children as early as preschool. Watch above.


Tune in to The Root on Friday for a Facebook Live panel discussion on how the school-to-prison pipeline affects our children and what we can do about it, featuring Beatriz Beckford, Kassandra Frederique, Dr. Stacey Patton and Dr. Monique W. Morris and moderated by asha bandele.

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It’s funny how the video doesn’t just call out the racism.

There is some nuance here (like did they consider a place like DC), but overall it’s black and brown kids at suburban and rural schools where the staff and student body are overwhelmingly white.

The key thing here is that hardcore conservative Republican alt right folks *don’t* go into education in droves. The enforcers are largely white women who voted for Obama and then Clinton.

Since these type of videos are made for NEA types and Vox readers, you’ll never see this kind of critique.