Watch: Ben Carson Manhandled at Donald Trump Rally on SNL

Angela Bronner Helm
Jay Pharoah as Ben Carson and Darrell Hammond as Donald Trump in a Saturday Night Live sketch that aired March 12, 2016
NBC screenshot

Saturday Night Live has been having a field day with the 2016 presidential campaign, and last night’s show was no different, with a hilarious sketch about Ben Carson being roughed up at a Donald Trump rally.

A fake CNN broadcast showed the good doctor and Trump at a press conference after Trump’s crowd mistook Carson for a protester and knocked him around.

Carson, played by comedian Jay Pharoah, held a “Trump steak” over his eye, while the Donald (performed impeccably by returning player Darrell Hammond) said, “Guys—what did I say?! Not this one—this is one of the good ones! I’m sorry, Ben.”

Carson replied, “Hey, they’re just lucky I didn’t have my knife on me. I’ve been known to cut a bitch.”


Watch “Ebony and Orangey” in their SNL interactions below (the Carson beatdown comes at the 4:53 mark):

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