Watch: Angela Rye Says Black People Shift the Culture

Here at The Root, we have a new video series we want to share with you all, and it’s called Black and Proud. In it, we get the chance to chat with a lot of our favorite black celebrities, tastemakers and thought leaders, so we decided to ask them about their pride in being black.

Many of them talked about our resilience and strength throughout history, and some talked about our undeniable talents, while others mentioned our dance skills, dopeness and more. Whatever the reasoning, it’s clear that being black is an incredible experience, despite society’s negative narratives around blackness.

Angela Rye has easily become one of the loudest and proudest black female voices in the zeitgeist right now. Her commentary, eye rolls and side eyes speak to all of us and have turned this noted political strategist into our collective #WokeBae. Rye says she’s proud to be black because we’re basically the leaders of everything dope. Check out the clip above to see why else being black is lit for Angela Rye.


And stay tuned for a new Black and Proud clip every single week!

Editor’s note: For the hearing-impaired, our videos are on our social media with captions. Please view Angela Rye’s here, with captions.

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From the Greys

“The Melanin content of your skin is nothing to be proud about.”

This deep brown skin with yellow undertones and red overtones that looks like I’ve been dusted with gold when the sun hits it just right?

Nah B, that shit be poppin’

Stay Mad Tho.