Washington Post-ABC Poll: Jury Still Out on GOP

Not necessarily the most popular guys at school — just the most powerful.
Not necessarily the most popular guys at school — just the most powerful.

According to a Washington Post-CNN poll, Americans are not sold on Republicans despite the gains made in the November elections. The midterm elections, in which Republicans gained 63 seats to take control of the House and added six seats to their Senate minority, were widely seen as a rebuke to President Obama, not necessarily an embrace of the GOP. Still, the public trusts Obama marginally more than they do congressional Republicans to deal with the country's main problems in the coming years, 43 percent to 38 percent. The poll suggests that the election, while perhaps a vote against the status quo, was not a broad mandate for Republicans and their plans. The survey also underscores the degree to which Americans are conflicted about who they think is setting the agenda in Washington. The poll reflects what we've been saying all along: The American public doesn't know what it wants. We don't want to continue the status quo, but we keep electing officials who represent the status quo. We want change but really don't want anything to change, which is why we're always kicking and screaming no matter who's in office. We complain about politicians flip-flopping. Perhaps we should look in the mirror?


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