Was the Starbucks Anti-Bias Training a Fail or Nah?

On Tuesday, Starbucks closed 8,000 of its locations for anti-bias training.

The training is a response to the nationwide uproar following an incident at a Philadelphia Starbucks, in which an employee called the police on two black men for allegedly loitering. But was the training a fail or nah?


“You can’t fix racial inequality, 400-plus years of oppression and bigotry that’s indoctrinated into your children, your wives, your husbands, your kids in three hours,” says author Andrew L. Case.

The Root hit the streets of New York City to see what real people thought of the initiative. Was the training a publicity stunt or a genuine effort on behalf of Starbucks to right its wrongs?


See the entire video above.

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The Kinja Assassin

I don’t know. It reminds me of when Starbucks did that Race Together thing awhile back. Remember when they were encouraging their baristas to open dialogues about race with their customers. I mean, I just want my coffee. (Just thinking about Race Together reminded me of Jay Smooth’s awkward interaction on the Chris Hayes show.)

This new initiative could both be a public relations ploy AND a genuine effort to address a serious issue. But really, the problem with the two gentlemen in Philadelphia was a racist coffeehouse manager and cops being cops (“Wait! Black people talking back? Handcuff time!”) I’m not sure how this will stop that.