There's another book out, containing more brand-new "truths" about the president and his family. This one, focusing on his father, claims that Obama was (maybe, possibly) almost given up for adoption. From Madamenoir:

According to the book, The Other Barack: The Bold and Reckless Life of President Obama's Father, written by Boston Globe reporter Sally Jacobs, before President Obama was born, his father, then a college student at the University of Hawaii, told an immigration official about the pregnancy of his wife, Ann Dunham. Allegedly, the two weren't living together at the time the memo was written by the official, and the book claims that Obama Sr. said that he and Dunham were planning to make arrangements with the Salvation Army to give baby Barack up for adoption.


According to both the book and The New York Times, it's not clear if the two truly planned to give the unborn future president up, or if Obama Sr. had only told immigration officials this info to get his Visa extended.

In an interview with an uncle of the late Ann Dunham, the individual said President Barack Obama's mother was actually excited and optimistic about the birth of her son, and a future with her new husband.

Source: Madamenoire.

In other words, no one has any idea what actually happened in the minds of his parents. But not being sure about Obama-related stories certainly hasn't stopped anyone before.


Read more at Madamenoir.

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