Was Drake’s Views Really Fire or Did It Leave a Lot to Be Desired? Let’s Argue

 Drake watches Game Six of the NBA Finals on June 13, 2019 in Toronto, Canada.
Drake watches Game Six of the NBA Finals on June 13, 2019 in Toronto, Canada.
Photo: Cole Burston (Getty Images)

On this fifth anniversary of Drake’s fourth studio album Views, I think it’s high time we say what needs to be said.


The album was not that great.

Sure, it had bops. Looking at you, “Child’s Play,” “Controlla,” “One Dance,
“Pop Style,”and “Feel No Ways.”

Yes, it had vibes. Shouts out to you, “Weston Road Flows,” “Redemption,” “Fire & Desire,” and “Views.”

And who could forget the gray sweater greatness that is “Hotline Bling?”

But if we really sit down and mull it over, Views is overall just not that girl. It doesn’t even deserve to be in Drake’s top three.

Now, I know what you all may be thinking: “Wow, fam. I don’t think you understand how blasphemous you’re talking right now. Views not in the top three? It took over all ‘Summer Sixteen.’ Are you listening to yourself?”

As someone who’s very cognizant of the things I put out into the world, let me assure you that I am. But more important than listening to myself, as The Root’s resident Drake stan, I’m also listening to the 6 Gawd. Seeing as how almost every notable year of my life beginning from 2009 up until now is marked by the release of one of his albums, I’ve taken a long, hard listen and plenty of time to think on this. I’ve reminisced to his rhymes; felt a ways about his flow; and made memories akin to his metaphors.


And after I did all of that, it became abundantly clear that there are much better projects under his belt that deserve those top three spots. Case in point: Take Care, Nothing Was The Same and More Life. (Honorable mention: If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late, which makes a strong case for a top spot, seeing as you heard “running through the six with my woes” reverberating off of everyone’s car that year. But since it’s technically a mixtape, I had to drop it.)

There is no way anyone in their right mind is putting “Weston Road Flows” over “Tuscan Leather.”


No one is crying in the club harder to “Redemption” than they are to “Marvin’s Room.”

And no one on Beyoncé and Blue Ivy’s internet is going harder for “Still Here” than they are for “Free Smoke.”


Those are just the facts. Sure, Views may have dropped some heat. It may even be considered fire, but it absolutely left a lot to be desired.

Argue with your plant.