Want to Be Mayor of Detroit? Get in Line

Detroit's skyline (Thinkstock)
Detroit's skyline (Thinkstock)

Despite the fact that Detroit is in the throes of Chapter 9 bankruptcy and is the largest American city to file for bankruptcy, more than a dozen people are running to be its mayor, reports NBC News. Current Mayor Dave Bing will not be running for re-election.


Right now, Kevin Orr is serving as the city's state-appointed emergency manager with unlimited power. It's not clear what Orr's role will be when the new mayor comes into office.

The five front-runners have experience in law, public service and accounting.

They include: Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napolean; Detroit lawyer Krystal Crittendon; founder of Barrow & Aldridge accounting firm Tom Barrow; public accountant Lisa Howze; and former CEO of the Detroit Medical Center Mike Duggan, who has launched a write-in campaign.

Robert Johnson, a Detroit native and senior fellow at the progressive Roosevelt Institute, said the incoming mayor needs to be dynamic person.

"The next mayor needs to have sophistication about finance, but not be in love with finance," he said. "He has to be in love with the city and the people, but be masterful in the way he structures those finances to help those people."

Johnson said he is not surprised so many people have put their names in the hat to lead the troubled city of Detroit. He said he and his friends have fond memories of the city and want to see it succeed.


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