Want Diverse TV? Watch Kids' Shows

The cast of Nickelodeon's Victorious (Nickelodeon)

Are you missing the oasis of TV diversity? According to Jezebel, you can get all the color you want … on children's shows.

Film explores why "good" black men are single: Here's the description of Qualified, Yet Single: "A film that explores the lives of several 'well-qualified' single Black men who reveal their reasons for being single. Dr. Dwayne Buckingham's primary reason for doing this film was to give single men, who are perceived to be well qualified, a platform to speak their truth … " Safe to say it will be a conversation starter.


The cast of Single Ladies on Wendy Williams: Check out the clip at BET.

Michelle Obama discusses the president's past and Joe Biden: These are just two of the topics she weighed in on during a recent Daily Show appearance.

The San Antonio Spurs and America's hypocrisy: Slate's Michael Yglesias says that the response to America's most successful franchise reveals that while we say teamwork and loyalty count for something, we don't always back it up.

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