Vote Challengers Chant 'Stop the Count' at a Detroit Vote-Counting Facility

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Vote challengers erupted in a chant of “stop the count” outside of a vote counting facility in Detroit on Wednesday.


The Detroit Free Press reports that police officers had to push back crowds who were demanding they should be allowed in the vote tallying room at the TCF Center. Republicans whined and shouted that they were unfairly being kept out of the tallying process, a claim the Democrats in the crowd quickly called bullshit on given they were locked out, too. After being locked out of the building entirely, the crowd began chants of “stop the count.”

Clearly, all these folks want is a safe, healthy, democracy where, uh, every vote doesn’t count?

I’m just so tired of white people. It looks like things might not go their way this year, so what do they do? Throw a temper tantrum and try to derail the entire process.

And we’re supposed to be the snowflakes?

I’m sorry, it’s just been a very long 36 hours.

State election law allows for each party contesting the vote to have 134 challenges. As of the Free Press’s count, there are currently 134 Republican challengers; 134 Democrat challengers and 134 nonpartisan challengers that include members of the ACLU and the League of Women Voters at the TCF Center. They closed off allowing further challengers as they’ve surpassed the maximum amount and also, you know, there’s still that whole pandemic going on.


So it’s not as if there aren’t already Republican challengers there, these people are just having a temper tantrum. If you’re not already convinced it’s a temper tantrum, only an hour after it looked as if Biden had taken the lead in the state, the vote challengers suddenly showed up en masse.

As I’m sure you’re more than aware, Michigan is one of the states still waiting to be called, and a win for either candidate could greatly shift the outcome of the election. Of the states still waiting to be called, Michigan is only behind Pennsylvania in the total electoral votes to be won.


Republicans on site kept saying the whole process is unfair, but didn’t give details as to how it was unfair. Attorney Timothy Griffin, a Republican challenger from Virginia, told the Free Press “This whole thing is under suspicion.” He added, “It’s not equal …. It’s just not fair.”

Deadass, this is like when you beat your one shitty friend in Mortal Kombat and he’s like “I could win too if I cheated.” Then when you ask how exactly you cheated, dude just responds with, “I don’t know, you just did.”


Sometimes you catch L’s, and it’s not from cheating, or foul play. You just lose. So how about we put aside the white fragility and just take the fucking L.

Which, by the way, we don’t even know if it’s a fucking L yet!


Alright, I gotta stop writing, y’all. I’m just getting mad again.

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a Republican challenger from Virginia

Motherfucker, get back to your piece of shit state and let my home piece of shit state get to work doing its fucking job.

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