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Oh, dear.  It looks like President-elect Obama may be starting off on the wrong foot with the New York Times.  How dare he not make time in his schedule to grant The Times’ White House correspondents their customary pre-inauguration interview?


Even President Bush sat down with the “liberal media elite” days before he took his first inaugural oath.  In January 2001, The Times’ hung out with Bush in Crawford, TX and asked about his historic victory (going from president’s son to president), his cabinet appointments, and the possibility of an economic crisis (surprise!).  The Buzz imagines that Obama’s interview with The Times would go something like that.

But Inauguration Day is almost here, and an interview before then seems more unlikely everyday.  Well, maybe The Times should do what the rest of us do, which is hang out on all day, commenting on blog posts, and signing the Citizen’s Briefing Book.  Sure it’s not a private interview with Obama on a beach somewhere in Hawaii, but let’s be real here.  Reading a blog post is really fun.   

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