Alabama tornado passes through Tuscaloosa, leaving devastation behind. (Google)

MSN is reporting the death toll from storms and tornadoes in Alabama rose to 128 people Thursday, Gov. Robert Bentley's office said on Thursday, taking the nationwide total since Wednesday to 154.

The severe weather was continuing Thursday. The National Weather Service was issuing short-lived tornado warnings — advising people to "take cover now" — as the twisters formed. By early Thursday, these had been sent out for parts of New York, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Maryland and Florida.

The NWS Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Okla., said that it received 137 tornado reports around the region, including 66 in Alabama and 38 in Mississippi.

Currently, there is a tornado watch in Maryland and flash flood warnings in New York, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Virginia, West Virginia, Arkansas and Georgia. Severe thunderstorms, hail and lightning are also expected this evening throughout South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and Georgia.

We wish Alabama and Mississippi a speedy recovery and hope that the ongoing severe weather does not continue to decimate communities.


Read more at MSN. Watch YouTube video of the twister by University of Alabama student Chris England below:

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