It would be pretty impressive for a 2 1/2-year-old to count the grapes his dad set out on the table while he ate his cereal. Romanieo Golphin Jr. does that, but he also identifies models of oxygen, carbon, lithium and boron and answers questions like, "Which atom has four electrons outside the nucleus?" and "What element has five electrons?"

Is he a genius? He father says he's just a well-loved child with unique gifts that have been cultivated, and we're all born with "it."


We have to take the video with at least a molecule or two of salt, since his dad is using it to sell something (he's developed a series of learning programs for toddlers and young adults called BabytechiOS and Novus), but little Romanieo does seem to know his stuff in a way that seems to go much deeper than rote memorization. Most notably, he seems to find the subject matter fascinating and looks truly happy.

His smarts (and focus — try watching the whole lesson without getting distracted) are impressive, but the most exciting part of the story is the reminder about the enormous potential of all kids.

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