Rapper Rocky Rivera

The Well Versed is continuing on its quest to let the world in on a secret: There are more female rappers out there than just Nicki Minaj. In November 2010, the publication released its first list of "Ten Dope Female Rappers Not Named Nicki Minaj." That list included Jean Grae, Rah Digga, Invincible, Eternia and Tiye Phoenix.

The Well Versed is at it again, releasing another list of female rappers to challenge the notion that there are no female rappers in the rap game. This list includes Rocky Rivera, Marz Lovejoy, Dessa, Psalm One and Boog Brown. The latest list demonstrates that not only is there a range of female rappers, but they will always be a part of the rap game, with or without marketing machines behind them. Check out some of the female rappers below :

Read more at the Well Versed.

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