VIDEO: The Big Obama-Osama Mistake

"Obama — I mean Osama" has become an ever growing phrase among Americans following the news of Osama bin Laden's death. While it's a mistake usually attributed to Fox News and conservative pundits, it turns out that everyone's guilty these days.

Political notables Ted Kennedy and John Ashcroft were guilty of making the same mistake long before Obama was president. Networks such as MSNBC and CNN have also fallen victim, and a reporter from the Associated Press even made the gaffe when speaking to Obama face-to-face.

Following the president's monumental broadcast Sunday night, there were a number of TV stations that ran headlines declaring, "Obama bin Laden Dead." Foreign news outlets made the blunder as well. An Indian TV station displayed a photo of Osama bin Laden while running a headline that stated, "Obama shot in the head."


Even director Spike Lee fell victim to the blunder on Twitter: "It was Osama bin Laden who was killed. I think pictures being released of the Body of Obama is next."

You can't talk about Osama without mentioning the president, so it's understandable to have a slip of the tongue when thinking of their names simultaneously. Plain and simple, no one is safe. Actually, the only person who isn't making this mistake is probably Osa — we mean Obama — himself.  

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