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Video Shows Group Beating Man as Bystanders Yell, 'You Voted Trump'

A group of young men and women in Chicago were caught on camera attacking another man while bystanders shouted, "Don't vote Trump!" 
YouTube screenshot
A group of young men and women in Chicago were caught on camera attacking another man while bystanders shouted, "Don't vote Trump!"
YouTube screenshot

A man was beaten up in Chicago's West Side by a group of men and women yelling, "Don't vote Trump" and "You voted Trump," as seen in a video that has since gone viral, the Chicago Tribune notes.


David Wilcox, 49, said the altercation started when he was trying to make a left turn from Kedzie Avenue to Roosevelt Road around 1 p.m. Wednesday. Around the same time, a black sedan reportedly pulled up and scraped the right side of his vehicle.

"I stopped and parked. And I asked if they had insurance, and the next thing that I knew, they were beating the [s—t] out of me," Wilcox told the Tribune on Thursday.


In the video, you can see the men and women tossing Wilcox to the ground and striking him repeatedly.

As the beating continues, people on the sidewalk watching the altercation yell, "You voted Trump," "Beat his ass" and "Don't vote Trump," Wilcox said.

In the video, Wilcox tries to crawl back to his vehicle during the altercation, but another individual then gets into the driver's seat of Wilcox's car as Wilcox tries to get him out. Wilcox grabs on to a door frame of the vehicle but is then dragged along as his vehicle pulls off.

"They were beating me to have me let go of the car," Wilcox said. "The guy went to 70 and 80 mph. If I let go, I was dead. He slowed to 45. … He tried to push the door open. … So he stepped on it again.


"He stepped up back to 70 and 80, swerved again," Wilcox added. "The wheels on my side left the ground, up to 2 inches. … Then he slowed down. I was looking at oncoming traffic. He probably slowed to about 45. God was watching over for me. I rolled about five or seven times into the oncoming traffic lanes."

Wilcox acknowledged that he did, in fact, vote for Trump on Tuesday but said that there is no way his attackers could have known that. He said the jeers appeared to come from people who were watching him get beaten, including one person whom he alleged heard say, "Yeah, it's one of them white boy Trump guys."


Wilcox said he voted for Trump because "he's gonna bring back the economy. I believe he's gonna be the one to protect the [nation]. I know he doesn't speak politically correct sometimes, but 95 percent of the country doesn't.

“What’s happening to America?” Wilcox added. “You’re supposed to be able to vote in peace. It’s supposed to be part of our democracy, and what happened is I vote for somebody, and I get beaten, robbed, and my car stolen, and I have no way of getting my wife to and from work safe anymore.”

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